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You can place an order in our store by:
  • Using order form on with customer registration, 24h
  • By email infopl, 24h, placing your order this way you should send us: product's index, product's full name, size or colour if applicable, your full delivery information including contry and telephone number
  • You can also visit our store in Poland, Poznan, ul. Kościuszki 114 2N

Payment methods

For ordered goods you can pay by:
  • PayPal - PayPal fee
  • Bank Wire Transfer - free


We send ordered goods via UPS company, with 3-5 days delivery. Shipping costs in European Union depends on country of delivery.


Kościuszki 114 2N st.,
61-756 Poznań

NIP: PL 554-225-95-53
Departmental Customer Service:
Phone: +48 533 313 997,
Fax: +48 614 152 998,

Retail Customer Service:
Phone: +48 61 852 13 76,
Fax: +48 614 152 998,

Exchanges and Complaints Department:

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We use the so-called. cookies (special files coming from a particular website recorded and stored by your web browser), which is then stored on your hard drive. This type of file is used, among others facilitate getting around our website, and may also serve to better remember certain user preferences within our site. Please note that it is possible to remove those files from your hard drive or block them. The implementation of these changes is dependent on your internet browser, and changes can be made by configuring your browser settings. No change in the above settings should be interpreted as Your agreement to accept cookies. However, blocking cookies can cause difficulty using some features of the our website.


For each product sold in our shop we give you warranty:
  • Clothes, shoes: 6 - 12 months
  • Optical products: 6 - 24 months
  • Knives: 12 - 60 months
  • Flashlights: 12 - 60 months
  • Air Soft Gun: 6 - 12 months
  • Sporting goods: 6 - 12 months

Exchange, refund of product

Exchange or return of goods bought at a distance is possible in the case of delivery to the store by the purchaser within 30 days from the date of delivery. Order naumber and information on what other product you want to return the goods exchanged, or a bank account number for which the return of is to be made of the product has to be attached to the shipment. Exchanges are made immediately - it depends on the availability of goods. Returns to the bank account are made within 14 days of receiving a shipment with returned product.

Please be advised that the exchanges and returns items that do not contain complete information on the exchange / return of goods, address and contact information will not be considered.

Webshop rules

  1. is operated by SPC based in Poznan, ul. Kościuszki 114 2N , entered in the register of business activity in the city of Poznan No. 68520/2009, the number of tax records PL5542259553.
  2. All prices are in polish zloty or euro (by choice) and including VAT. In the case of price changes, customer will be immediately informed of this fact, and the necessity of confirmation of purchase at the new price.
  3. Subjects of transactions conducted by the parties of the transaction on the Internet web are the products presented on the website of Online store at the time of placing an order.


  1. Retail orders can be placed by application available on website, or by telephone number 61 852 13 76.
  2. Customer is obliged to provide adress data, telephone number and email, to confirm the order. Orders which are incomplete, or such with unconfirmed payment will not be realised.
  3. Received order will be automatically confirmed by return email. Customer will be keep informed at what stage is the order.
  4. Delivery time is from 1 to 7 business days. In justified cases, the store reserves the right to extend the term execution of the order to 14 days. For each extension of that period.
  5. Shop is committed to inform the customer, while the customer commits to confirm the validity of the order.
  6. Payments for purchased goods may be executed when receiving of ordered goods from the courier, or by payment on account before sending the ordered goods. You can buy goods in installments.
  7. Shipping as a gift can be made only if you have previously made a payment to the account of the whole price of the goods including the shipping costs.


  1. If the item is on a warranty, the warranty period is specified in the warranty document.
  2. To make a complaint customer is obliged to previous contact with Customer Services Department in order to establish a complaint procedure.

Withdrawal from the purchase

  1. The customer can withdraw from the purchase contract within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery.
  2. The date of purchase of goods is considered to be date of delivery. Refunds will be executed within 14 days of receiving the goods with the request of cash refund.

Privacy Policy

  1. Who processes your personal data?
    Administrator deciding how your personal data are used is the SPC company with its registered office at Kosciuszki 114 2N Street in Poznan, Poland, the operator of an online store
    The Administrator ensures the safety of the transferred data and the execution of the Users' rights, resulting from the act on the protection of personal data. The user has the right to access his own personal data, correct it or delete his personal data completely - for this purpose, you should send an e-mail specifying the request to make changes or delete the data from the register. Personal data will be stored until the client's account is closed, unless it is necessary to exercise the rights arising from the guarantee, warranty, debt collection proceedings, until the end of the proceedings and settlement of receivables. We assure you that our company adheres to the policy of personal data security. We keep your personal information safe and we make every effort to ensure that this level is systematically increased.

  2. How do we get your data from?
    We have received personal information from you when you created an account and/or placed an order in our shop.
    Providing personal data, as well as consenting to their transfer, is voluntary. Any personal data provided shall be processed only to the extent and for the purpose for which the Consumer has given consent. If the Consumer does not provide the data necessary for the execution of the order and does not agree to its processing, it will not be possible to complete the order.

  3. Why do we process your data?
    Personal data of the Users are processed in order to establish, conclude, change or terminate the Contract between the Seller and the Client and to perform the Sales Contract.

  4. With whom we share your data?
    Users' personal data may be disclosed to third parties only with the consent of the User in the cases described in the Regulations, in particular:
    1. If you choose the online payment method your data will be processed by the system administrator to carry out payment transactions;
    2. In purpose of the delivery your personal data are made available to the courier company to deliver the shipment. To implement the service of order it is necessary to provide the following personal data of our Customer:
      • surname and name;
      • delivery address;
      • e-mail adress;
      • contact phone number;

  5. Contact for more information about the processing of your personal data
    For more information, please call us on our Hotline (+48 61 852 13 76), write us an email to or sendu us a traditional letter to, Kościuszki 114 2N Street, 61-717 Poznan

Final provisions

  1. Possible inconveniences with transaction in the online store will be settled by agreement of the parties.
  2. All listed products and names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.
  3. In cases not regulated by these regulations, and in case of disagreement of the parties, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code are in force.

About us

SPC is one of the biggest military, survival and airsoft distributors in Europe. We've existed on the market for over 10 years and in that time we got large experience in selling the highest quality products and customer care. At the moment we offer over 10000 genuine products for unequalled prices. is operated by SPC based in Poznan, ul. Kościuszki 114 2N , entered in the register of business activity in the city of Poznan No. 68520/2009, the number of tax records PL5542259553 .


  • Abbey - Manufacturer of high quality greases and cleaners for real weapons and ASG,
  • BCB International - Designer and manufacturer of great quality survival and everyday use products,
  • Bijan's Protective Equipment - Manufacturer of professional knee and elbow pads dedicated for military and law enforcement, Bijan's has equipped over 5 milion soldiers with its products,
  • ALTA - Manufacturer of professional knee and elbow pads,
  • CONDOR - Manufacturer of tactical equipment, vests, belts and pouches,
  • Propper - Manufacturer of field uniforms and tactical garment,
  • FOSCO Industries - Manufacturer of survival and tactical equipment, camouflage products, badges and emblems,
  • FOSTEX - Manufacturer of military garment, packs and bags, huge variety of flags, patches and caps,
  • ESS - Manufacturer of ballistic glasses and goggles,
  • Bolle Tactical - Manufacturer of tactical glasses and goggles,
  • Bolle Safety - Manufacturer of safety glasses and goggles,
  • KA-BAR - Manufacturer of knives and accessories,
  • Timberline Knives - Manufacturer of knives and accessories,
  • Schrade Knives - Manufacturer of knives and accessories,
  • Smith & Wesson Knives - Manufacturer of knives and accessories,
  • Eickhorn Solingen - Manufacturer of knives and accessories,
  • Mantis Knives - Manufacturer of knives,
  • Gatco Sharpeners - Manufacturer of sharpening accessories,
  • Blue Guns - Training dummy firearms,
  • Tachyon - An american manufacturer of HD video mini-recorders,
  • Fobus - The biggest Israeli manufacurer of holsters and handguns accessories,
  • HexArmor - Manufacturer of cut and sting resistant gloves,
  • Nite Ize - Manufacturer of flashlights, carabiners, LED modules for MagLite flashlights,
  • INOVA - LED flashlights,
  • MacTronic - Tactical, touristic, outdoor, bike flashlights,
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